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Pharmacy Technician Course

Pharmacy technicians play a vital role in assisting licensed pharmacists by providing medication and other healthcare products to patients. They measure medication, maintain patient records, and assist patients in various settings, including hospitals, community pharmacies, outpatient clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and assisted living facilities. Professionalism, effective communication skills, and attention to detail are essential components of working as a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

This comprehensive course is designed to equip students with the necessary training to become successful pharmacy technicians. The curriculum not only prepares students for pharmacy certification from the National Healthcareer Association but also helps them obtain an official license through the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy. Licensed by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), our course and instructors meet rigorous standards of quality and credibility, ensuring a high level of education and training.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of health and safety procedures, including accurately handling and preparing sterile products and prescriptions. The course covers fundamental knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, math, and common disease states. Additionally, students will learn the basics of merchandising in the daily performance of pharmaceutical services and how to recognize and handle all aspects of managed care prescriptions.

The course emphasizes recognizing practice limitations and adhering to legally accepted procedures and responsibilities when filling prescriptions under the authorization of pharmacists. Students will also learn to adhere to legal considerations in the performance of all pharmaceutical services, providing clear and appropriate communication to patients and healthcare personnel. Moreover, proficiency in using computers and other technology to achieve pharmacy objectives is a key component of the training.

Our private career school offers a superior student-to-teacher ratio compared to larger colleges and universities, providing a more personalized and supportive learning environment. This setting allows for closer interaction with instructors who currently work in the field, ensuring that students benefit from the most current knowledge and practices in pharmacy technology.

In summary, this course provides a robust and comprehensive training program that thoroughly prepares students for a future as a pharmacy technician. The extensive curriculum, combined with ample hands-on practice and expert guidance from current field professionals, ensures that graduates are well-qualified and ready to excel in their professional roles. Choosing our private career school guarantees a supportive learning environment with personalized attention, making it the ideal setting for acquiring the skills needed for a successful career in pharmacy technology.

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