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EKG Technician Course

This 12-week course is designed to provide students with the necessary training to properly perform EKGs. The curriculum includes CPR and first aid certification and prepares students for EKG certification from the National Healthcareer Association. Licensed by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), our courses and instructors meet high standards of quality and credibility.

Students receive instruction in patient preparation, EKG equipment operation, performing and mounting 12-lead EKGs, single-channel tracings, and Holter monitoring. The course covers the cardiovascular system and its relation to electrocardiograph procedures, focusing on basic rhythm identification and heart disease classification. Our instructors, who currently work in the field, provide students with the latest knowledge and practices in EKG technology.

Under expert guidance, students engage in hands-on practice using state-of-the-art EKG equipment, gaining confidence and proficiency in conducting accurate EKG tests. Our private career school offers a superior student-to-teacher ratio compared to larger colleges and universities, providing a closer, more personalized learning environment.

Class participation is emphasized to develop cooperation, collaboration, respect, and listening skills, which are vital for healthcare professionals who interact with a diverse population in stressful situations. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, students build the professionalism and communication skills necessary for a successful career as an EKG technician.

In summary, our 12-week course comprehensively prepares students for a future as an EKG technician. The extensive curriculum, combined with hands-on practice and guidance from current field professionals, ensures that graduates are well-qualified and ready to excel. Our private career school's supportive environment and personalized attention make it the ideal setting for acquiring the skills needed for a successful career in EKG technology.

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