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I am inviting you to schedule a one-on-one appointment with me. Together we can work on resumes, cover letters or interviewing exercises. I want to help you the best way possible after completely your program. This way you can comfortably ask questions and receive in-person training and feedback.


These workshops are designed to get your brains thinking and hopefully boost your confidence if you’re worried about entering the medical field in the next few months!


On the left is my calendly scheduling program. You may choose one of the workshops, which will then take you to my Google Calendar. After selecting a date and time, it will ask you to provide some background information. These sessions will be approximately 30 minutes to two hours long (depending on the session you choose).


If you are in the Bend area, please note our office is only in Springfield, Oregon at this time. Oregon Medical Training is working on ways to reach out to students in-person once scheduling is confirmed. Please don't think this is a barrier. I've had many Bend students participate in these workshops digitally on Zoom or Google Hangouts.


Jaila Cha-Sim

Administrative Assistant

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Need one-on-one resume, cover letter, and interviewing practice?

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