When is the deadline to enroll?

We don't have a specific deadline to enroll. We accept the first students who submit their forms and fees — meaning — the sooner you register, the better. However, we do have an initial deadline per term to avoid last-minute-applications from flooding in. This "deadline" is usually two weeks before commencement. 

The deadline is an incentive for students to apply before commencement, so you can expect classroom capacities to be met two weeks before commencement. It's highly not recommended for students to wait and apply at the last minute, but instead, we suggest you submit your documents and payments weeks prior.

Refer to the phlebotomy, EKG and pharmacy pages to find out if there's availability before submitting an enrollment agreement. We will attempt to update this regularly. 

It is crucial you pay off your $250.00 deposit (+$25.00 if PP3 is selected) a month before enrollment starts. If you wait too long, it may impact your chances to be enrolled in the course. This is because it is required to pay off your registration and supply fee prior to enrollment.