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What is a waitlist?

A waitlist is a line of students waiting to be enrolled into a full class because the course has reached its maximum capacity. The waitlist does not confirm you have a seat in the class. You do not have to pay the minimum deposit to be on the waitlist.

A waitlist is a group of students waiting in line to be admitted into a program that's already reached maximum capacity. If a current student withdraws or fails to meet requirements before commencement, a student on the waitlist will be accepted and be offered a spot. A student on the waitlist will be removed from the waitlist if the student does not complete the following requirements: a) respond within 24 hours, b) pay the minimum deposit, or c) refuse to follow the school catalog guidelines.

If you are unsure why you're on a waitlist, there may be multiple reasonings, but not all may apply:

  • You enrolled too late into the program and/or missed the initial deadline

  • You enrolled too late into the program and/or the roster is filled to the maximum capacity

  • You did not successfully complete the requirements to be enrolled — including paying the minimum deposit; read more

If you would like to remove your spot on the waitlist or if you think this is a mistake, contact us at (541) 343-3100 during business hours.

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