what is a waitlist and what does it mean?

Oregon Medical Training has a waitlist for Phlebotomy, EKG and Pharmacy Technician courses. A waitlist is a line of students waiting to be enrolled into a full class because the course has reached its maximum capacity. 

When a student enrolled terminates their enrollment or fails to meet the requirements by commencement, the first  student on the waitlist will be informed via email that they are next in line to enroll. The waitlist is a "first come, first serve" process. The waitlist does NOT confirm you have a seat in the class! The Administrative Assistant will contact students one-by-one to inform them a payment is needed to secure a seat in the class.


Please note: A student will be removed from the waitlist automatically, if the student does not complete the following requirements: a) respond within 24-48 hours, b) commit to paying off the minimum deposit, or c) refuse to follow the School Catalog guidelines.

If you are concerned or confused as to why you're on the waitlist, there are multiple reasonings, but not all may apply:

  • You enrolled too late into the program and/or missed the initial deadline

  • You enrolled too late into the program and/or the roster is filled to the maximum capacity

  • You did not successfully complete the requirements to be enrolled — including paying the minimum deposit; read more

If you would like to remove your spot on the waiting list or if you think this is a mistake, contact the Administrative Assistant immediately via email. You do not have to pay the minimum deposit to be on the waitlist.