what is a waitlist and what does it mean?

Oregon Medical Training has a waitlist for the Phlebotomy, EKG and Pharmacy Technician Courses. A waitlist is a line of students waiting to get into a full class because the course has reached its maximum capacity.


When a current student drops the course or does not meet the full requirements by the deadline, the student who entered the waitlist first will be informed that they are next in line to enroll. The waitlist does NOT confirm you have a seat in the class! If a student on the waitlist cannot commit to the payments, the student will be removed and the next person in line will take their spot. The Administrative Assistant will contact students on the waitlist one-by-one to let them know they need to immediately pay their minimum deposit to ensure a seat in the course. Whichever student pays their minimum deposit first, will be given the available spot, no exceptions. 

If you are concerned or confused as to why you're on the waiting list, you may have enrolled either too late or did not successfully complete the requirements to be enrolled until now. If you would like to remove your spot on the waiting list or if you think this is a mistake, contact the Administrative Assistant immediately via email. You do not have to pay the minimum deposit to be on the waitlist.

If the student on the waitlist is sent an email confirming they may continue further into the enrollment process, it is the student's responsibility to pay the minimum deposit before the course starts, and it is the student's responsibility to monitor their emails.


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