What does "hybrid" mean?

May 11, 2021


We organize "hybrid" classes (also known as blended courses) to maintain social distancing and to enforce safety precautions for our students and instructors. We are actively trying to decrease COVID-19 cases in Oregon amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hybrid courses are a mixture of in-person/remote instructions. Hybrid replaces full face-to-face instructions by blending online learning with in-person training throughout the academic term.


If your class is a "hybrid" course, you can expect labs/training days to take place in the classroom via appointments. Online quizzes, Zoom lectures and homework assignments will be assigned online. 

Note: All instructors arrange academic schedules differently.


If you are concerned when in-person classes will be scheduled, we insist you coordinate with the instructor. You can find your instructor's email, here.

If you want a general sense of the academic term, we insist you to visit the academic calendar frequently. You can find it on the website, here.