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Textbooks are a necessity for every program we offer. Since our school doesn't include a school library or bookstore on campus, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to obtain the textbooks required before the course starts. None of the payment plans cover the costs of textbooks.

Students are only allowed to either buy or rent textbooks. However, if essential, students may buy workbooks due to pencil or pen markings. It is the student's choice to buy or rent textbooks from whichever business they desire. This includes Chegg, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's Books. Students are prohibited from starting the homework unless instructed to.



  • Required: Rapid Interpretation of EKG's, 6th ed. Dubin, Dale. Cover Publishing Company. 2000. (ISBN-10: 0912912065)

  • Required: EKG Plain and Simple, 4th ed. Ellis, Karen M. Prentice Hall. 2017. (ISBN-10: 9780134525051)


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