Find the administrative office.

1126 Gateway Loop #108, Springfield, OR 97477

Days and hours

Monday — Thursday

12 p.m. — 5 p.m.


(541) 343-3100


(541) 461-0251

This is where the administrative office is located. The office is only located in Springfield at this time. If you need to drop off paperwork or payments after business hours, you may use the door mail-slot by securing it with an envelope.

We will be switching to in-person classes until further notice. The office will be open by appointment.

What you will bring to the medical field.

It is our priority that each of our students receives the highest quality of training needed in order to be successful technicians. We thank our students for choosing Oregon Medical Training as one of their primary educations to help achieve their career goals.

Find your campus.

Springfield campus

1126 Gateway Loop #108, Springfield, OR 97477

Bend campus

960 SW Disk Dr. #102, Bend, OR 97702