How to withdraw from the course?

First, if you would like to withdraw from the course, you will need to send the Administrative Assistant an Student Application Request. Once completed, the Administrative Assistant will contact you to determine your eligibility for the refund you are requesting.

Please patiently wait in the mail for a check to be delivered. Expect deliveries to arrive in your mailbox between 10 -15 business days.

Refer to CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY (OAR 581-045-0036) for a complete description of policies required by the Oregon Department of Education.

A student may cancel enrollment by giving written notice to the school. Students who withdraw from the course are not entitled to any further resources provided by Oregon Medical Training. Unless the school has discontinued the program of instruction, the student is financially obligated to the school according to the following:


(a) If cancellation occurs within five business days of the date of enrollment, and before the commencement of classes, all monies specific to the enrollment agreement shall be refunded


(b) If cancellation occurs after five business days of the date of enrollment, and before the commencement of classes, the school shall retain only the published registration fee. Such fee shall not exceed 15 percent of tuition cost, or $150, whichever is less


(c) If withdrawal or termination occurs after the commencement of classes and before completion of 50 percent of the contracted instruction program, the student shall be charged according to the published class schedule. The student shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of the tuition when the amount paid exceeds the charges owed to the school. In addition to the pro-rated tuition, the school may retain the registration fee, supply fee, $25 withdrawal fee, and other legitimate charges owed by the student


  • Pro rata refund means a refund of tuition paid for that portion of the program not offered to the student prior to withdrawal. The date for determining that portion shall be the published course schedule and the last recorded date of attendance by the student.


(d) If withdrawal or termination occurs after the completion of 50 percent or more of the program, the student shall be obligated for the tuition charged for the entire program and shall not be entitled to any refund


(e) The enrollment agreement shall be signed by both the student and the authorized school official. For cancellation of the enrollment agreement reference in (a) & (b), the “date of enrollment” will be the date that the enrollment agreement is signed by both the student and the school official, whichever is later.