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How to schedule for a resume, cover letter and interviewing workshop?

You will need to schedule an appointment through our online scheduling software that will allow both parties to agree on a workshop time. 

You have the opportunity to choose between a Resume Workshop, Cover Letter Workshop or Interviewing Workshop. Each workshop is designed to help you practice your interpersonal skills and writing abilities when applying for jobs. We also offer a 3-in-1 Workshop that is a combination of all three workshops.

  • The Resume Workshop is designed to help you structure and design a resume that is visually attractive and memorable for employers. We will work on alignments, employment history, fonts and grammar requirements.

  • The Cover Letter Workshop is designed to help structure and design a cover letter that is convincing and credible to your skills and expertise. We will work on grammar and structuring paragraphs, employment details, opening and conclusion statements.

  • The Interviewing Workshop is designed to help you learn interviewing skills and methods through role-playing. We will practice by answering common interview questions. We will work on body language and tone of voice.

  • This 3-in-1 Workshop is designed to help you understand resumes, cover letters and interviewing processes. We will do a full one-hour-long tutorial that covers all three workshops above.

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