How to register for the waitlist?

STEP 1 — Read the School Catalog.

STEP 2 — Complete and sign your enrollment agreement. Specify which payment plan you'd like to use throughout the term. Students who do not choose a payment plan on their enrollment agreement will be selected for Payment Plan 1 by default.

STEP 3 — Students must be at least 18 years of age or higher at the commencement of the course.​

Make a copy or take a clear and legible picture of your identification documents:

  • Required: An ID (driver's license)

  • Required: A high school diploma


  • Optional: You may submit a birth certificate, a passport or a state issued ID card.

  • Optional: You may submit an (unofficial) high school transcript or GED certificate.

If absolutely necessary, you may alternatively submit your university or community college (unofficial) transcripts. Before doing so, consult the office to seek approval.


STEP 4 — Submit your enrollment agreement and identification documents by emailing or by physically mailing it to our office in Springfield. You may also fax it to our office.

STEP 5 (only Pharmacy programs) — Submit an application for a temporary Pharmacy Technician License with the Oregon State Board of Pharmacy. If you have any questions, contact our pharmacy instructors for assistance.

STEP 6 — Once documents are received, the office will confirm your spot on the waitlist through an email. This does not confirm if you are enrolled into the course — but — allows you to stay on a waitlist. You will not need to pay any minimum deposits on the waitlist until an open seat is available. If payments are accidently received after the classroom fills, you will be refunded immediately. 

STEP 7 — You are now on the waitlist. You will receive further instructions on enrollment if you're next in line.


If you're next in line after a spot clears, you have 24 hours notice to respond and pay the minimum deposit once the message is delivered to your inbox. If directions are not followed, the next person in line will be granted a spot in the class and you will lose your spot.