What happens if I don't pay my minimum deposit?

It is crucial you pay off your $250.00 deposit (or $275.00 depending on the payment plan chosen) a month before enrollment starts. If you wait too long, it may impact your chances to be enrolled in the course. This is because it is required to pay off your Registration and Supply Fee prior to enrollment. Your seat is not saved until you pay off your minimum deposit even if you submitted an Enrollment Agreement months prior. 

If you wait until the last few weeks before the term starts to pay off your deposit, there is a likely chance the class has met maximum capacity and we will have to deny your enrollment. If you delay your payment, be aware that Oregon Medical Training will prioritize students who paid their deposit before you due to the requirements and guidelines of the Student Catalog.

It is also important to consider that a handful of students rush in applications and deposits at the last minute, so please be patient and respectful as the Administrative Assistant files in each student's information one-by-one. The Administrative Assistant reads the first applications submitted, so don't forget to submit your Enrollment Agreement and identification documents.

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